Brunching Beauties : Le Peep

After the 6K Saturday, we thought it was earlier enough to go to Cafe Strudel, the most sought after brunch spot in Columbia, but 9:30 was too late and the wait was already an hour. Ugh, maybe one day.

Le Peep was just over the bridge, so we decided to pop over there. I had not been, it’s been fun to try new brunch spots and then be able to blog about them 🙂

Loved that they brought these carafes for the table, especially since we had just exercised!

Annie and Madelyn both got French Toast and loved it.

You give me the option to put chocolate chips in my pancakes, and I’m always saying yes. I think it’s mostly because I don’t add anything to my pancakes. Fun fact: when I was a kid, I would put frosting on my pancakes, like from the tube you use to ice sugar cookies. Even over Christmas when we made pancakes, my sister joking asked if someone had gotten the frosting out for my pancakes.

Le Peep was good and I will absolutely be back. I would also like to try their lunch. But let’s be honest, if they serve from their brunch menu all day, I have no hope for trying their lunch.

Brunching Beauties : Bourbon / Eggs Up Grill / DiPrato’s

xoxo ashley


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