Gamecocks Run

I love all things Carolina and sports related. As soon as I heard about the Gamecocks Run 6K through major athletic parts of campus, I was sold. It didn’t matter that it was a 6K and I don’t run. It was a fun run, so I didn’t actually have to run 🙂

I convinced some friends to sign up to make it more fun to” frolic while taking fun pictures.” I actually used those words at one point when talking about my plans for this run.

Dawn Staley was there to pump us up pre-race. Can Dawn be my personal wake up call in the mornings to pump me up for the day?!? Homegirl is great. She is a great additional to the University and I’m glad she’s here and making a great impact in our city.


We’re ready!


 There may or may not have been moments where both Annie and Madelyn asked if I wanted to start running and my response was “nah” or “nope” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I did want to finish the run by running so I did say yes when we were nearing the end, but they we ran into Cocky and how can you pass up a picture with Cocky?


The race finished on the court of the basketball arena. How cool is that?!?

We did it!

Can’t wait for next year! In all honesty, it did make me want to actually start running and be consistent in it.

See ya next year Gamecock fans and soon to be fellow runners (hopefully)

xoxo ashley


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