Brunching Beauties : Bourbon

Brunch is my favorite. Brunching with friends is even better. I am going to start a new series, “Brunching Beauties” and share all the great places to brunch, mainly in Columbia, but also in cities I travel to.

Friends who are reading this, let’s plan some brunches!

First up: Bourbon

Bourbon is this fairly new restaurant on Main Street. I had been a few times for drinks but had never eaten there. One time I realized they had brunch and asked to see a brunch menu and decided I had to go try it.


 My friend Alyson and I went. She got the Fried Green, Eggs and Ham and said “I really liked it and love eating things that I would never make myself but I would also try something different next time.”


I got the Biscuit of Champions. And that is exactly what it was. A huge biscuit with chicken, sausage AND bacon. I would most definitely get it again.

Bourbon is one of the more pricey brunch options in Columbia but worth a visit at least once.

xoxo ashley


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