Brunching Beauties : Eggs Up Grill


 After church on Sunday, my friend Catherine and I went across the street to a newer restaurant, Eggs Up Grill. I hadn’t been yet so was excited to try it. I was instantly drawn to the Biscuit-wich, because hello, biscuits. They are obvi my fave. And who could pass up adding home fries for only 48 CENTS?!?


 Inside the egg on the biscuit was a sausage patty and cheese. The home fries were great. Next time, I will be ordering the loaded home fries because those with other delicious breakfast things on top, who can resist?


 Catherine got the fruit and yogurt parfait and it came in this precious glass.

Eggs Up Grill is a cheaper brunch option (think $4.40 for the biscuit and home fries) and so good. If you are looking for cheap and better than just decent, this is your place.

Brunching Beauties : Bourbon

xoxo ashley


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