Brunching Beauties : Henry’s 

 Last Sunday when I was leaving church, I texted my friend Laura and said, “I feel like we haven’t been to brunch in forever, can we please go soon?” Her answer was obviously yes. We are adding some new girls into our lifegroup, so we decided that brunch after church Sunday was going to be a great meeting place. We choose Henry’s because it was close to church and still on Laura’s list of places to brunch.

I remembered halfway through eating that I was blogging about all the brunch places in Columbia (whoops, clearly we can telling blogging has fallen off a little bit) so I snapped the below picture.

I got the bacon and cheddar waffles and added the fried chicken for chicken and waffles. Y’all. One. I LOVE chicken and waffles. Two. The bacon and cheddar waffles are the best waffles I’ve had. If you are a bacon lover and/or a cheese lover, like me, these are for you.

If you are ever in Columbia and looking for a brunch spot, Henry’s might just be your place 🙂

Check out other Columbia brunch spots below.

Brunching Beauties : Bourbon / Eggs Up Grill / DiPrato’s / Le Peep

xoxo ashley


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