Rent the Runway

Back in October I rented this dress from Rent the Runway for a work event that ended up getting cancelled due to the flood. So I decided that have a photo shoot so the dress wasn’t a complete waste. I did get cash back through Ebates when renting the dress. It also happened to be around the time of my birthday, so it became a birthday photo shoot as well 🙂








And who doesn’t love sparklers?





xoxo ashley


The Girl Behind the Lens

I owe great thanks to Annie, the one who helps make this blog and Gameday Belles Boutique possible.

She’s the one who not only takes all my pictures, but also comes up with the ideas for the pictures.

She is more than patient when I’m being sassy or start to get annoyed from needing to take so many pictures.

She accepts the mediocre pictures I take of her when she has a really cool idea and she wants some pictures too. Like the glitter pictures from July 4th.

Today Annie turns 25!

Annie, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and feel very celebrated, loved and young 🙂

I am so thankful for you as my photographer, stylist, brainstorm-er, classy to my sassy, roommate and friend.

Here to the next 25! (and all the adventures #classyandsassy will have and the pictures that will be taken)


xoxo ashley


Y’all. Let’s be real for a minute. Last year when I turned 25, I absolutely lost my mind. I started having a quarter life crisis MONTHS in advanced. Turns out, 25 has been one of the best years. There was a lot of change, some heartache, a lot of growth, big life decisions and a lot of fun. I’m in awe of what he brought this past year. I’m excited for 26. I’m excited to see what The Lord has in store for this year of my life. Here’s to 26 and a relaxing, low key evening, before a crazy, fun, filled weekend!


What is your best advice for 26?

xoxo ashley