I found a fun website the other day, Chairish with beautiful armoires and decided it would be fun to style the top of the armoire. While looking through all of the armoires on their website, it was so hard to choose my favorite. They are all fabulous and make me want to redecorate my house!

white armoire

I LOVE white furniture. When I moved into my house and my mom offered to buy me new bedroom furniture, all I knew is that I wanted it to be white.

I absolutely love that you can see inside this. Even though this would be used for storage, anything that you don’t want seen can go in the drawer at the bottom. It’s perfect. I am all about decorating. As I am sitting in my bed writing this, I looked around my room and see that the tops of none of my furniture is bare.

The first thing I would add to the top of this would be a live plant, something that maybe hung down a little bit.

Secondly, I would add a painting with a pop of color. Since it is white, I would want to add some color into the room. Possibly something by Megan Carn or Teil Duncan.

megan carn


teil duncan


I’m a simple girl, so would just start with those 2 items, maybe add a big candle or mason jars.

Which armoire would you choose and how would you decorate it?

xoxo ashley


A Glittery Fourth

While in Nashville for the 4th, Annie got the idea of a Fourth of July photo shoot involving some glitter and confetti. It rained off and on, so when it was raining, we needed indoor things to do, AKA Michael’s for supplies.

This is not as easy as it sounds. The outtakes of these pictures are HILARIOUS. Maybe I’ll post an outtakes blog at some point to show the pictures that do not make it on to the blog 🙂

I used tried to use glitter for an earlier photo shoot that day and it ended up back in my eyes and all over my face. Which is why my eyes go from squinty to wide open.











End in the, this was so fun. It will be done again. Even though I’m still finding glitter.

xoxo ashley

Famous Momma

When your mom’s Etsy shop gets featured on, it’s an exciting time!



It was an honor to be contacted by one of LC’s contributors and featured on the website!

If you have a fashion or lifestyle blog and would like the opportunity to review one of her items, contact me at ashley.kaileysmonogram {at} gmail {dot} com

xoxo ashley

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

 Hope you remembered to wear green today! Or you are reading this early enough to go put some green on.




Some festive towels my mom made last year.

We are having a St. Patrick’s Day lunch at work today. I decided to make a rainbow out of fruit on a skewer.



Pick a fruit for each color of the rainbow. I used strawberries, oranges, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries and green grapes.




Huge thanks to Annie for getting these started while I was babysitting last night.



Finished product!







xoxo ash


Pinning Lately

I love Pinterest, just as much now as when it first came out. The new never wore off for me. Here are some of the things I have found recently that I can’t wait to try, love and can’t wait to recreate.

(Click on the picture to get to the pin)

pinterest 1

I love spring clothes. Such pretty colors to mix and match.

pinterest 2

These just look delicious. Semi complicated to make, but I’m up for the challenge 🙂

pinterest 3

This is just funny. I watched “Fed Up” at work last week. It’s a documentary about what we eat and how bad it is for our bodies. But some days, this is just the reality of life. I would like to eat well all the time, but that just ain’t happening. Also, some foods are just too good to give up.

pinterest 4

These Kate Spade plates. Just beautiful. Maybe one day they will go on sale or I can find similar ones on the cheap.

pin 5

I found a wreath I had started when cleaning out the storage room. One of the thoughts for the wreath was to add burlap flowers, so this will be super helpful in finishing the wreath.

Follow me on Pinterest! What are you loving on Pinterest these days?

xoxo ashley

Bachelor Finale + Bachelor Bracket Winner Gifts

Congrats to the newly engaged Chris & Whitney! I knew from their wedding crashing date that I loved them together and so happy that they are!
I had Whitney making it in the final 2 in my original bracket. My friend Kaitlin picked her to win before even watching episode one. So she was our first winner. We remake brackets when it gets down to final six and my friend Laura won that one. I searched and searched for ideas for Bachelor Bracket Winner Prizes and found nothing. So I had to get creative, here is what I came up with:

For The Bachelorette, if we can even make a bracket, like what?!? Kaitlyn AND Britt, recipe for disaster. Anyway, the “buy in” for the bracket is 1 item for the winner’s basket. For example, a bottle of wine, nail polish, gift card, candy, whatever you and your girls love! I agree with Sean Lowe and his thoughts on 2 Bachelorettes. I’m interested to see how it all plays out. It sure will be interesting.
Confession: I looked up who won a few weeks ago, not something I normally do but just wanted to know, so this was written Friday night after the kids I was babysitting went to sleep.
xoxo ashley


I love a good monogram. Whether it be a t-shirt, doodle on a piece of paper, sticker on my car, bag, you name it, I want it monogrammed.  Like my girl Reese says:


A few years ago, I was on Pinterest and saw monogrammed headbands. I sent the picture to my mom (who has a monogram machine) and said hey, try this. Little did I know what hey, try this would turn into. At the time, she had her Etsy shop, but was doing very little monogrammig. These headbands are what took the little Etsy shop and turned it into a real life business with consistant orders coming in ALL the time. Whole softball teams and cheer squads will order for all the girls. Friends order for friends. Parents order for their children.

These are some of my favorite headband she has done.


Then, we took it big time. Started doing much more than the headbands. And of course looking to Pinterest for some ideas.

Some of my favorite items currently in KaileysMonogram Shop:

Wine glasses

Weekender bag

These are popular for bridesmaid gifts or a weekend getaway. I LOVE mine.

Easter baskets

Easter is right around the corner. Have you gotten your kids basket yet?

Monogrammed tee

This is from the race I did this past weekend, more on that later this week!


And this comes in a fun pink or aqua!

Visit Etsy store here.

Instagram @kaileysmonogram / Twitter @kaileysmonogram / Facebook Kaileys Monogram Shop

I love how an idea from Pinterst sparked and has turned into such a fun hobby and business for both my mom and I.

She’s the creative one who actually does all the monogramming. I get to do fun things like this.

xoxo ashley