Travel Tuesday : New Orleans Saints Game

So I’m a New Orleans Saints fan. You can blame it on a boy, but once I’m committed to a team, I’m committed and there is no changing my mind. So this past fall as part of our football weekend, we drove down to New Orleans from Ole Miss to go to the 2nd football game of the weekend.


The NFL takes their entrances seriously.




We left Oxford about 5 am to make it to the game so we were a bit delirious at one point.


The game ended up going into overtime and the Saints lost. To the Titans. Who I’m pretty sure only won 2 games all season. Okay, so it was 3, but still. I was banking on the Saints winning this one. It was still a fun game regardless.


I did get her to wear the right colors. She isn’t a fan, because of said boy mentioned earlier.



With my boy Drew.


Check back next week for playing tourist around New Orleans the next day after the game.

Who is your favorite NFL team and have you ever been to one of their games?

xoxo ashley


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