Jury Duty

Back in November, I checked the mail and among all of the junk mail I get (anyone else? like I would have 25,438 credit cards if I took them up on all their offers) and I found my summons for jury duty. It was scheduled the week I was leaving for NYC. The mailing was not clear that it was only for Monday – Thursday, I was leaving Friday afternoon and entered full panic mode. As in taking my lunch break to go to the courthouse to talk to someone about my trip. The security guard was like um you still have to show up and just tell the judge. Oh, that’s super helpful (actually not at all) sir. Fast forward to the following week when jury duty began…


I thought I was supposed to show up at 8:30, not 8. I came to the realization around 7:30 am while still in my pajamas.

When I pulled into the parking garage, I couldn’t get the machine to give me ticket so I just drove through. After parking, I walked down to the machine to get a ticket. The cars driving by thought I was there to help and press the button for them, so that is what I did. Finally, a man pulled up and I said please can I just grab a ticket real quick? He was nice and let me.

As I was going through the security check and my bag was being checked, the woman said “It looks like you are here to camp out today.” I had no idea how long I would be there and I can get bored very easily, I had to come prepared.

All the jurors had to sit in an empty court room. We did get to watch the Today Show. I did learn that heat doesn’t leave your body through you head, but hands, so you should always wear gloves.

Gameday Belles Boutique has some adorable gloves that are currently on sale for $13.95 plus FREE shipping. There are 12 colors to choose from!


And my girl Adele was on the Today show.

None of the other jurors were talking or trying to be friendly. Finally the judge came to get us. I was a tad confused, thought she had people to do that for her.

The judge called roll to make sure everyone had showed up. We said here by verifying our address so our check could be mailed to the correct place. Hello travel fund deposit 🙂

We went through some questions about being fit for duty like if we were mentally stable, currently under investigation, able to understand English, those sorts of questions. Then people could ask to be excused certain days. This is when I officially learned that there are no jury trials on Friday’s so I did not have to speak to the judge.

Everything had been settled for that morning and we were excused.


Called the number at 8:30 like instructions said. The instructions also said to press 1. You couldn’t press 1. The message hadn’t been updated since November. Called every so often and finally at 9 it had been updated. Jurors weren’t needed that day. Call back tomorrow after 9. Off to work I went.


Called just before 9 in (still in my pjs) and the message said to report by 9:15. Signed in right at 9:15

While waiting one girl stood up in front of the group and asked if they had WiFi. She was laughed at and one man said something about how everything was secure because of where we were.

We went down to the court room with the judge and lawyers. The judge asked a ton of questions.

We had to stand up introduce ourselves and where we worked/what we did and same for our spouse. As soon as the defense heard insurance I was out the door. I didn’t clarify it was health and life insurance.


We were asked to come in Thursday.

They turned off Hoda and Kathy Lee – I wasn’t going to be that girl who asked for it to stay on so then we sat in awkward silence without the TV on.

The judge came in without her robe on (so I knew we were done) and said the case resolved in plea. But because we came in that week, 70 cases were resolved.

We out. Now wait to see if and when I get paid. Not sure how the money works like if you just get paid for showing up for an hour or have to serve.

It has been 2 months and I still have no received a check but this is the government we are talking about here. One of my co-workers served 2 weeks before me and hasn’t received his check yet either. So I’m not holding my breathe for my check.

xoxo ashley


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