I found a fun website the other day, Chairish with beautiful armoires and decided it would be fun to style the top of the armoire. While looking through all of the armoires on their website, it was so hard to choose my favorite. They are all fabulous and make me want to redecorate my house!

white armoire

I LOVE white furniture. When I moved into my house and my mom offered to buy me new bedroom furniture, all I knew is that I wanted it to be white.

I absolutely love that you can see inside this. Even though this would be used for storage, anything that you don’t want seen can go in the drawer at the bottom. It’s perfect. I am all about decorating. As I am sitting in my bed writing this, I looked around my room and see that the tops of none of my furniture is bare.

The first thing I would add to the top of this would be a live plant, something that maybe hung down a little bit.

Secondly, I would add a painting with a pop of color. Since it is white, I would want to add some color into the room. Possibly something by Megan Carn or Teil Duncan.

megan carn


teil duncan


I’m a simple girl, so would just start with those 2 items, maybe add a big candle or mason jars.

Which armoire would you choose and how would you decorate it?

xoxo ashley


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