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Y’all, what a week it has been. I’ve always seen natural disaster devastation on TV, but seeing it on TV and knowing that it is right down the street, places you frequent often, it is terrifying and heartbreaking. Seeing my city crumble before my eyes is devastating. Knowing that people in my city have lost everything is sad. It has been hard to sit and just watch people being rescued from their homes, leaving everything behind.


Please pray for Columbia. It is going to be a rough couple of weeks and months to come. Many roads have to be repaired, homes rebuilt, businesses have to start over. We are strong and have come together as one, but know we cannot do this alone.


My mom, AKA Kailey’s Monogram made me this adorable dish to put on my office desk to keep things off the desk. It currently has some chapstick, hair tie and business credit card in it. Perfect to help keep clutter off the desk!



What perfect timing the arrival of this bracelet was this week.  Reese and Blair designed these bracelets after the car crash the took the lives of 2 little boys. The Eddings family has shown so much strength, grace and forgiveness over the last few months. You can read about their story here. This bracelet will be such a reminder of how precious life is and a reminder of the strength, grace and forgiveness the Lord showed us all through how Gentry and Hadley responded during this time in their lives. “Be still and know that I am God”


One of my friends got me a selfie stick for my birthday this week. So so so excited to use it! And the best part, it’s pink! Get ready for all the selfies 🙂


If y’all haven’t watched Quantico on ABC, find it online and get caught up ASAP. It is the next big thing and I’m hooked. I watched both episodes late into the night the week.

Hope you have a great weekend!

xoxo ashley


One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. The story behind that bracelet is so sad and so moving. To hear this couple speak so forgivingly after losing so much is so amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    Morgan |

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