Travel Tuesday : Nashville Food Edition

 Since the food in Nashville was so great, I decided to do a separate food post. You can read about the non food parts of the trip here.

After checking in, I found this burger place, Burger Up, on Yelp with great reviews, so we headed to the cutest little area of town and grubbed on this delicious burger.

The Tennessee Sweetwater White Cheddar Cheese was delicious!

After lunch, we found this little Popsicle shop that we popped into.   

It’s not a trip to Nashville without eating some barbecue. This place was packed the entire time we were there, which happened to be after 9 PM. If you find yourself in Nashville, head over to Jack’s BBQ, you won’t regret it.Saturday morning, I really wanted a bagel. After some research, I found a bagel food truck!!! that happened to be a farmers market in town. We through on some clothes and decided to be like the locals. I love going to cities and heading off the beaten path and hanging out with the locals.

An afternoon snack of Fried Broccoli at Pinewood Social, y’all it was great and the perfect afternoon pick me up. 

The problem with getting busy is forgetting some details of the trip for the blog post. Whoops. So after the fireworks, we went to a Mexican place, for margs and tacos. The taco was great, but I have no idea what the name of the place is. It’s somewhere downtown.

Brunch is my absolute favorite. Literally, favorite.  We actually passed by a biscuit place the night before, but we couldn’t find it Sunday morning. So Puckett’s it was and a great choice it was.

I choose the breakfast buffet. Literally everything breakfast you can think of was available. I left with a full belly and heart.

Annie got the slider trio. It was brisket, chicken and pork. What fun to be able to try each of these while in Nashville.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Nashville?

xoxo ashley


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