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My sting is so much better from last week and I’ve hopefully killed the nest. I sprayed about half a bottle of Raid on the nest but haven’t really gone back to check.


My mom posted this throwback on Facebook this week, thought it was too cute not to share.



Although I hated the circumstances (#cancersucks) as to why I got to see this little one, I enjoyed the little time I got to spend with this little one.



This one is self explanatory. But if you need a good credit card company, Chase is great. I got a text message from them about some potential fraudulent charges and then emails. One phone call later, all charges were marked fraud, card was cancelled and new card is on the way. Still annoying and inconvenient, but less since they caught it and I’m not responsible for any of the chargers.


Sunday mornings really are a blessing. I love getting to spend time with the kiddos at church. 


My sweet friend Liz got engaged this week and we hid in her room with cake waiting for her to get home!  



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