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My mom’s birthday was Tuesday, so I’m home tonight celebrating her! I’m excited to go out in Charleston and spend time with the fam!


When I went home to celebrate my sister’s birthday back in May!


 Wasp/hornet/whatever the heck stung me stings are no joke. It has been years since I’ve been stung. I iced it for 2 hours on Monday and then more at work on Tuesday. Sadly, I still have to get rid of the nest, so hopefully, I can get away quick enough and not get more of these bad boys.

Last night I called my PaPa and had such a sweet conversation with him. I need to make that more of a part of my routine.


So working full time and then coming home to run an online boutique can be time consuming and the time can really get away from you. Like last night, when it was 8 PM and I felt weak and sick because I hadn’t eaten dinner. Whoops. There were dinner options at home but I didn’t feel like making any of them. So I scooped up my items for a post office run and a Chiplote gift card as a dinner treat. Then it got me thinking of the idea, when I have some extra money, go get some gift cards to some dinner places, so when times like this pop up again or I just have no desire to cook, dinner is already paid for!


I was looking at my phone case today and I want a new one. I went on Amazon, but so many choices. HELP! What’s the best option? I have an iPhone 5. I want something cute but practical. I love pink, teal, coral, navy. Do I want an otterbox? Or are those outdated?

Hope you lovelies have a great weekend! Hopefully mine will consist of some blog writing 😉

xoxo ashley


7 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. EEEEKKKK with that sting!!! Hope it heals soon! I get the Dandy Candy cases from Amazon! Super cheap but the bumper still protects the phone pretty well. And I get the cheaper ones because I like to switch them up!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I hear Charleston is amazing! It’s still on our bucket list. What a great idea to have restaurant gift cards on hand! I get my phone cases at Five Below and they are fun and hold up surprisingly well for $5!:)

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