Travel Tuesday : Nashville

Last July 4th weekend, we decided that we would make July 4th a traveling holiday. So this spring, we starting thinking about where we wanted to go. I LOVE fireworks so I did some Google searches of best firework shows in the country. After some research and travel lookup, it was decided that it would be in our best interest to drive somewhere. The cities we wanted to fly to just were not working out between flights or hotel costs in said city (Chicago, your $700/night hotel rooms over the 4th weekend were a bit crazy, do better) So NASHVILLE it was. We woke up really early Friday morning to get ahead of the traffic, which was a great idea. When we got to Nashville, our hotel room happened to be ready, so we checked in and then set out for some lunch. Since so much good food was eaten, I’ve decided to make the food eaten a post of it’s own. So check back in 2 Tuesdays for food from the trip.

Andi from the Bachelorette Instagrammed a picture with this wall mural from her recent trip to Nashville, of course I had to get a picture too. (Note: I had see this before so it was not just because Andi went that I wanted to go) It happened to be right down the street from where we ate lunch Friday when we got there. So after lunch we went and took turns taking pictures of different groups at the mural.

After lunch it started to rain so we went to the Opryland Hotel lobby and walked around and home some photo shoots. Then headed over to Opry Mills to look at boots.


I was very proud that I did not really have a desire to buy new boots. I bought some when I went to Nashville a few years ago for the Country Music Festival and wanted to be smart with money. I kinda shocked myself. After the mall, we went back to the hotel room to get ready for the night, including a nap.

For dinner, we went to Broadway Street. After we ate, we were walking down Broadway trying to figure out where to go in next. I have 2 rules when it comes to bars.

I don’t wait in line to get in and I don’t pay to get it.

I will sometime break the second rule, but I will not wait to get in somewhere when I can walk a few steps more and walk right in somewhere. A lot of the places would have required me to break that rule. Like some of the lines were a building long and didn’t look like places I would have enjoyed. But then near the end of the street, I look up and find a rooftop bar, my favorite. The weather was nice, so up we headed.


Cheers to you, America!

Saturday, we woke up and went to a local farmers market because I found a bagel food truck. HELLO!


I found this cute little star cookie to enjoy later in the day to celebrate.


College Football Lovers dream came next as we headed to Vanderbilt’s football stadium. I fly out to see the Gamecocks open football season once at Vandy, so I had been inside the stadium before.


It was cool to be able to see the field and not in a place you weren’t supposed to be.


Then came the Parthenon, which was cool to see. Again, it was raining. The weather was off and on the whole time we were there.




She missed the sign that said “Do Not Climb on Train”


Then we headed over to Pinewood Social. Sadly, we did not bowl but how cool is this place. It is a restaurant and lounge up front with bowling lanes in the back. Had some drinks and an afternoon snack.


If you saw yesterday’s blog, you know what came next. GLITTER!

Saturday night we took Uber downtown for the fireworks celebration and concert. My promo code is ab1777ue. It will get you $20, which is basically a free ride. It gives me free rides too, but I don’t have a reason to use Uber at home so it really just benefits you 🙂

It rained. Constantly. The entire time. But the fireworks more than made up for it.


Trying to embrace the rain. Having fun with our Target dollar section glow flags.


Martina. We stood on the side so we could scoot down to the riverfront to see the fireworks in the best spot.


Fireworks are my thing y’all. I teared up when they started I was so excited. I was in awe the entire time. It was the most beautiful fireworks show I’ve ever seen. I will absolutely be back to Nashville to see this show again. It was spectacular.


Nashville, you are a gem of a city and know how to put on a firework show to celebrate this great country we get to call home. Until next time.

xoxo ashley


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