Chicken Biscuits

So I was at the grocery store the other night trying to get groceries for the week and decide what I wanted for dinner that night. #mealplanfail

I had a craving for biscuits but could not just eat biscuits for dinner (although it has been done in the past) so I decided to try to make my own chicken biscuits. I already had some seasoning at home for the chicken. Sorry I can’t be more helpful in telling you what kind it is, but its from the mountains of Virginia and that is about all I know. Oh and it is GOOD! So I grabbed some chicken and biscuit mix.IMG_7825

Dip your chicken in egg and then cover in seasoning.


Cover it well 🙂


Put in a pan to fry.


Meanwhile, let the biscuits cook.




Cut the biscuit in half, insert chicken and enjoy!



I will absolutely be making these again for dinner and breakfast brunch.


xoxo ashley


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