Travel Tuesday : A Wish List

I wish I could have an actual Travel Tuesday post every Tuesday of some cool place I’ve recently been, but money doesn’t grow on trees and paid time off isn’t offered every day. So today, I’m going to share part of my travel wish list with you.


As a neighboring country to the US, I would like to travel to Canada at some point. Last fall when I was in Seattle, we looked at going up to Canada while we were there, but the timing of it all didn’t work out. I’m not a huge cold person, so I wouldn’t want to stay for very long but I would love to go.


Chicago has been on my list for a long time, but it hasn’t happened yet. I want to go during the spring/early summer so I can go to a Cubs game while I am there. My parents went last fall, LOVED it and can’t wait to go back. Maybe they will invite me next time 😉


Other than to Aruba and Mexico, I have never been out of the country. I don’t think I would like to go to the touristy places in Europe, but the places full of culture off the beaten path. I also would want to do it fancy and travel to many different countries while I was over there. Maybe one day it will happen.
 Hawaii has ALWAYS been on the list, even as a child. We never vacationed there because coming from the east coast, the flight was just too long and my mom doesn’t like to fly. And with 2 kids to entertain for that long, I can understand why we never went. We once heard the advice to fly out to California, stay for a day and see the city and then fly out to Hawaii and then do the same thing coming back to help split up the flying time. I just recently saw the movie Aloha (great cast, awful story) but it re-sparked my desire to go to Hawaii.

What else should be on my list? Where was the best vacation you have gone one?

xoxo ashley


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