Kickoff to Summer 

 To me, the kickoff to summer, is the first concert on the Country Mega Ticket. The afternoon of May 31, I got in the car, headed to Charlotte to kick off my summer.

The night started at Queen City Q porch sittin, pork eatin and cocktail sippin.

Then off to Mr. Brad Paisley!

This was my reaction to the couple who got engaged between opening acts and then sat back down like nothing happened. I’ve never been engaged but I can only imagine how I would react and it would not be to calmly sit back down at a concert and act like someone didn’t ask to spend the rest of their life with ME!

  Still puzzled by what.just.happened!?!


  Brad is an extremely talented musician and I always forget that. I forget that I really actually love him in concert because HE CAN PLAY THAT GUITAR! I will say that his background videos are really trippy. At times, I had to look away or was just really confused. But then I would just listen and all was right with the night.

  Sunday night I knew that Zac Brown Band would be at the same venue Thursday of that week, what I did not know was that I would be there. Monday I was talking to a co-worker who said he was going, I checked the ticket prices and they had dropped from the last time I looked, so Zac Brown Band on Thursday it was. It also had some to do with the “life is short and needs to be lived” mood I was in that whole day but more on that in another blog post.

What is your kickoff to summer? Who is your favorite artists to see in concert?

Can’t wait for July and August for the rest of the concerts on the Mega Ticket. I will say I am most excited for Lady Antebellum!

xoxo ashley


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