Taco Tuesday

  I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and found this pin. It was immediately decided that I had to try it. I am a fan of Mexican and this just looked delicious.

I had some pork chops in the freezer, so decided to use those because they were already on hand. That worked well, next time, I would like to use the shoulder roast though.  Mixing up the spices in the bowl and juices in the crock pot.    And what’s a taco without a marg to go with it?

IMG_9325   You could say I like cheese? Totally forgot to get a picture of the pork.

  Front porch sitting, marg drinking, taco eating and friends chatting, what summer is made for. And then a game or two of Clue once it gets dark outside 🙂

It was Prof. Plum with the rope in the library or was it?

But for real, though this in the crock pot, pour yourself a marg and eat up. And trust me, you will be adding this to your summer meal plans.

xoxo ashley


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