All Star Race : Round 2

                 Last year at the All Star Race, it was decided that this would be an annual event in Annie and I’s friendship. No matter where life took us, every May, we will make our way to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Sprint All Star Race. (Although, it will not be the Sprint All Start Race next year, they will have a new sponsor). I went back in October to the Bank of America 500 and that was just too many laps for me. 110 laps for a million dollars is much more my speed, especially those last 10, because those are some fast laps.

Knowing this is an annual thing, when Pit Passes were on sale for Black Friday, I scooped some of those up. However, I will not be doing that again. It was fun to be able to see and take a picture in the winner’s circle but other than that, there was not much more to see. If you caught them, you could see the driver’s driving out of the garage so that was cool but that area would get crowded and it got hard to see.






After hanging out there, we visited with a family friend who works in the racing industry and was hanging around Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Now, you might have noticed my wedges in the picture and wondering if it is a bad idea to wear wedges to a race. The answer is yes. It is a bad idea to wear wedges when you have a lot of walking to do. Oh the blisters that came from that day. But what I have learned over the years is that I made the choice to wear those shoes so I was not allowed to complain and didn’t, other than to say walking back to the car when this is all said and done might be a bit difficult.


This place at night. Such a beautiful place. Really, any sporting event outside at night, is going to be a favorite place of mine. There aren’t many other places I’d rather be than under the stars watching a sporting event, even in the heat and even in the cold.


 Congrats to Denny Hamlin for winning this one!

See ya next year Charlotte Motor Speedway for Round 3!

xoxo ashley


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