Happy Birthday Kailea!

  Happy Birthday to my dear sister, who helps keep me entertained on long plane rides,

 and long car rides,

with webcams on computers before iPhone selfies were cool.

And who is braver than I am,

  is the best daiquiri drinking partner there is, 

  who plays in the bathrobes at fancy resorts with me.

  The sister who dressed up in matching Halloween outfits,

  and also at Christmas, to see the “real” Santa.

  Who could legit be a model. 

And who shares the love of Harry Potter. And tailgating for Carolina football, in our garnet best.   


And who rides the Ferris Wheel with me in the middle of a big city.

     For being the cuter one in pictures from when we were younger.

 And for being my partner in crime while spending weeks with MaMa and PaPa 🙂

Happy Birthday Kailea! I hope that 22 is your best year yet and this this year brings you even more than you could imagine! Love you lots!

xoxo ashley


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