Travel Tuesday : Tortuga Music Festival

If you have been following for a while now, then you know that country music is a big part of my life. I’ve traveled as far as Austin, TX for a country music festival. I was listening to Homegrown by Zac Brown Band on the radio one night and decided to look up their tour because they are just so fantastic and do not disappoint. I saw that they were going to be at a festival down in Ft. Lauderdale the same weekend I was trying to plan a tropical vacation. So it was obviously I was headed to Ft. Lauderdale to see Zac Brown Band at a country music festival on the beach.

On the way down, we stopped by Daytona, there was a lot of construction going on so we just opted for these pictures.

  The festival didn’t start until Saturday, but we headed down on Wednesday night so we could get a few days of pool, beach, sun and relaxation in. We stayed at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood. It was a beautiful resort.

And of course doing some marketing prep for Kaileysmonogram. But for real these are great and you should order one.

Fun dinner on the water near the resort.


Imagine 38,000 in a small enclosed area of the beach, 3 stages plus vendors and you have the Tortuga Music Festival.

Tips for success at the Tortuga Music Festival:

-Buy the parking pass that they offer, there is very limited parking and the parking pass is your best option. (We did have to wait over an hour for the buses night 1 but the next night, they were waiting for us when the show was over.)

-We only went for the afternoon/night shows, arriving around 3:30, so apply your sunscreen before boarding the bus and don’t bring it with you.

-Only bring what you NEED (license, money, cell phone, sunglasses, chapstick, toilet paper, water bottle) and leave the rest in your hotel room. The first day we brought so much stuff with us, including towels, and it was a pain to keep up with. If you sit down on your towel, you will be trampled by everyone walking. Plan on standing for a majority of the day.

-Bring a water bottle. They have water filling stations to keep you hydrated.

-Bring toilet paper/tissues/napkins/something. The porta potties ran out of toilet paper on night 1 and they were not replenished.

-Pick a place and stay there. Sunday all the artists we wanted to see were in a central location, so we picked a spot (nearish to bathrooms and the bar) and stayed there.

This was our, “what did we get ourselves into” face? We were sitting and being trampled and it was hot and there were so many people and we needed to figure out what in the world we were doing.  

Your 20’s are for adventuring and making memories and that is exactly what this weekend was all about.

This was our “it’s day 2 and we know what we are doing so we are going to sit in this general area until Zac Brown Band starts” faces.    

This was as close as we could get to the ocean, but it sure was pretty to look at.

If you get the chance to see Zac Brown Band, but on your dancing boots and go!

  I will say, I will not go back to this festival unless the artists headling are my absolute favorite.

But there is something special about having your toes in the sand, a drink in your hand and someone like Kenny Chesney serenading you from the stage.

And what’s a road trip without a Cracker Barrel stop?

xoxo ashley


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