Babysitting is something that started late middle school/early high school as a way to make some extra money but quickly turned into much more.

It turned into friendships, with both children and parents. It was playing games, having dance parties, comforting tears, a splish-splash bath time, reading bedtime stories, good conversation when parents returned home.

It planted a seed that would slowly grow over the years and turn into a journey that will begin in September with some online classes and volunteer hours.

It’s been fun to see kids grow up, become big brothers or sisters, watch families expand and grow.

Just a few of my favorite parts of being entrusted for a few hours to love on and watch precious children:

The movies watched and snacks shared,

Sitting around the table sharing food and laughs,

Following them down the slide now that they are old enough to slide first and not second,

Cuddle up on the couch as siblings and chatting.

So thank you parents, for allowing me a place in your kids lives. To hang out with them, get to know them, share meals with them around the table, laugh at silly movies, read stories, play together and invest in each other.

xoxo ashley


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