Work Wednesday : A New Series

Joining the work force is embarking out into the unknown. You’ve spent your whole life in school, it became easy, because it was all you knew. But then all of a sudden, school was over and you had to start something new. Something you’ve never done full time before. Something that is supposed to become your new normal, your new way of life. But how?

The transition between graduating from college and entering the work force is not an easy one or a short one. After now being at my second job post graduation for almost six months, I’m starting to process what that transition has looked is still looking like and what I have learned along the way.

Join me, on Wednesdays, as I dig deep, into this learning curve called post graduation, the do’s and don’t’s, the ways to grow, the things that will stunt your growth, going after your dreams, the people that walk alongside of you (or that you need walking beside you).

New graduates, this is the best time of your life (finally being done with school), but also the scariest. I promise, it does get a little less scary though.

xoxo ashley


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