Travel Tuesday : Islands of Adventure + City Walk


Ever since Harry Potter World opened, we’ve been itching to get down here. This family’s love of Harry Potter runs deep. ABC Family Harry  Potter weekend, you’ll find my sister posted up in front of the TV all weekend. When the books came out, I had them read in a weekend as a child. My parents would take us to the midnight showings of the movie premieres. So it was obviously the first thing we ran to when we got to the park.



What used to be the Fire and Ice roller coaster, is part of Harry Potter World and is Dragon Challenge.


 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, is the ultimate ride for Harry Potter fans. The line for the ride takes you through different parts of the castle. My favorite was Dumbledore’s office.


You are so distracted by everything you see, you don’t even realize you are waiting in line.


And the ride is great! Literally one of the best.

Islands of Adventure has Hogsmeade while Universal has Diagon Alley.

For lunch we got pizza at Confisco Grille, which was at the front of the park. We went in a tad before 12, which was perfect timing because after 12, it was slammed. It’s always a good idea to eat before or after the lunch rushes.


We didn’t have all day here because my mom had to get back to the fancy dinner and awards banquet with my dad. (This was a work trip that we all tagged along on). We rode a few more of the rides. Islands of Adventure had great water rides, which are great for a scorching hot day. However, we had a 60 degree day and knew getting soaked would lead to misery.

Waiting in line for 3D Spiderman ride


Your parking is good for the entire day, even if you leave and come back. Just be sure to keep the receipt they give you in the morning. But also, parking is only $5 after 6 PM.

For dinner, we ate at Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom, which had authentic Jamaican food and a live Reggae band.

After dinner, we walked around City Walk for a little bit, took some fun pictures. We were pretty wiped around 2 jam packed days at 2 parks, so we headed back to our hotel to have a chill rest of the night.




Cheesecake Factory was always one of those restaurants we would come to while in Florida, sometimes just to get cheesecake, so of course my sister and I had to go before we headed back home.


I’m absolutely loving this time of adventure in my life and will continue to enjoy it while it lasts!

Here’s to the next adventure!

xoxo ashley


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