Travel Tuesday : Magic Kingdom

Wow. I forgot how exhausting Disney World is. I, however did not forget how magical it is.


We choose to drive and park ourselves so we had control over our schedule. Although most hotels do offer shuttles, it is usually only during certain times. So if you don’t have a problem with a set schedule, that’s a cheaper option. Parking is $17/day, so can add up if you are staying for a full week.

Take a picture where you park. For real. It might seem like common sense but people legit forget where they park and ask us like we have any clue as to where they parked their car that morning.


My first stop upon entering the park was a quick gift shop stop for postcards. Which came in handy for the lines for rides. I addressed and wrote my postcards. We saw another group playing “Heads Up” on their phones. If you are going during peak season or want to ride the popular rides, download games to keep you entertained.

Another helpful app is WDW Wait Times. It shows you the wait times for all the rides and character meets.


Might have been a better driver when I was a kid


Tea cups


IMG_8335 IMG_8333

Mom always could get them going fast


IMG_8329Buzz Lightyear Ride

If there is rain in the forecast, it’s more than likely going to rain, so bring your rain jacket. Unless the 2/$18 poncho deal is appealing to you. 

It did start raining, but there is so much to do inside that it didn’t really matter to us. Most of the lines are covered and rides inside buildings. Good rides for when it’s raining : It’s A Small World, Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear or catch one of the shows.

When we were little, the characters could roam free around the park for pictures and autographs and they don’t do that anymore, which was sad. I would have loved some pictures.

We decided to go with the flow for dinner(which was totally against my Type A) but I went with it. Unless you want a 9 PM reservation, make them early.

While waiting for dinner, we went to the County Bear show, which was a joke! So funny. I don’t know how it’s even a real thing. So skip this, unless you are killing time until dinner or something and need to sit down.


Although I am not complaining, because it was the best amusement park meal I’ve ever eaten. We ended up at Liberty Tree Tavern, which is all you can eat family style. The menu for the night we went happened to be Thanksgiving.

IMG_8371 IMG_8373


Theses pictures do not do it justice. I wish I could eat it again now!

Fireworks are one of my favorite things. Like ever. I was so excited but what I didn’t know, was there is a show before the fireworks, Celebrate the Magic. It was characters and clips projected onto the castle with music and characters talking. It was an overview of all the classics and there might have been a tear when the Genie popped up and started talking. You were one of the good ones Robin.

The fireworks were beautiful and there was no where else I would have rather been that night than with my mom, standing outside of Cinderella’s Castle with fireworks in the sky. Thanks for a great trip!


We did Disney for its 25th Anniversary, so I would love to go back for its 50th ( but probably not before then, unless there are children involved)

Thanks Walt, for the magic and the memories!

xoxo ashley


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