Summertime Grilling

Now that the weather has warmed up, grilling season is here and I could not be more excited. My grill has been one of my favorite purchases since buying my house (almost 3 years ago!)

Last night, Morgan and I spent some time by the pool and then headed back to do some grilling. I love that you can literally through anything on the grill.

Put olive oil on some aluminum foil, but in the vegetable (or whatever else you want to grill), season it and make a pouch.


Grill marks on food are my favorite.    

I’m excited to see all of the grill creations we come up with this spring and summer. I’ll be sure to share as the summer goes along 🙂

I found this pin that I cannot wait to try – Grilled Foil-Pack Cheesy Fries.

I’ve also seen grilled pizza that could be fun.

Grilled PIzzas - these are one of my favorite things to make on the grill. Everyone always loves them! {Recipe for pizza crust and pizza sauce included}

(Click on picture for link to pin)

The Bachelorette starts May 18 so Monday nights will be Girls Grilling and Bachelorette Night!

What are your favorite grilling recipes?

xoxo ashley


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