Five on Friday : Disney Edition

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In honor of being in Disney World, RIGHT NOW, I asked my mom to share some of her favorite Disney memories from taking us when we were kids.

You hear about Disney, you see pictures of Disney, you see commercials of
Disney but it is not until you actually walk in for the very first time that
you actually feel the Magic that Disney offers!


The excitement of my kids seeing the characters for the very first time,
however to prepare Ashley for her first trip and so that she would not be
scared of the characters, we watched the Disney Sing A Longs- over and over
– We finally get there, purchase the special autograph book, the perfect
pen, chase the characters around,  and after to the characters, of course
Minnie and Mickey first- we get the pics, the smiles, the hugs, the
signatures and then only to have Ashley tell us they are rude!!  What
Ashley!!!  “Yeah, they are rude, they did not even talk to me”  Oops, our
bad we should have explained somehow that certain characters do not speak-
only hugs and smiles!!     


Kailea being the short, petite, little gal- we had to purchase tennis shoes
that would add inches and then secretly hold her up to the measuring sticks
to get her on the famous, awesome roller coasters!  When we got her on the
ride, we would somehow stay in, re-enter in line, and avoid those measuring
sticks at all cost!  

Love, love, love the nighttime parades with all lights, sparkle, magic, the
fireworks, and awesome night time shows. 


And I guess my favorite, must do and see  is the famous “It’s a Small World,
but do secretly love Buzz Light Year and playing the game as we ride
through, and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids ” was an awesome, interactive show,
along with “The Little Mermaid”- so guess I can say I don’t have a favorite-
I love it all!!


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