Brunching Beauties : Ted’s Bulletin

If you are ever in Washington DC, Ted’s Bulletin must be on your list, even if it is just to pop in and grab one lots of their homemade poptarts. 

Ted’s has call ahead seating (the morning of) which is a necessity, unless you want to wait 1 1/2 – 2+ hours. BUT what I also learned, is you can order online, schedule a pick up time and go eat your brunch at one of DC’s sites.

Morning 1 we chose the Botanic Gardens.


And choose to split The Big Mark Breakfast and each get a poptart since we knew we had a huge meal coming up later that day.



Morning 2 was supposed to be eaten by the Tidal Basin before Paddle Boating, but a race and parade had other plans for us. I barely know how to reroute myself in my own city when there is a race, so how we were supposed to do it in a city we know nothing about, surely was an adventure.

Sunday’s brunch was the Chicken N’ Biscuits, which came with 3 and delicious potatoes.

Ted’s is a great option for eating in or taking out and you can definitely share a meal to cut down on costs, it is plenty for 2 people. But don’t plan on sharing poptarts, but do get 2 different kinds so you can get to try 2 different flavors.

xoxo ashley


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