Travel Tuesday : #DivasDoDC

 One of my favorite friends is in DC again for the semester and what was originally going to be an old lifegroup reunion turned into just 3 of us for the weekend in one of my favorite cities, 3 times in 14 months proves that. Read about 4th of July trip here.
I left work early Friday and Annie and I hit the road.
The monuments are fun during the day but at night, they are quiet, beautiful and magnificent. When we got there Friday, we grabbed Kara and made a bee line for the Lincoln Memorial.
My friend Jess who LOVES DC more than I do told me about Dangerously Delicious Pies that is open late into the night. Annie and I got sweet while Kara chose savory. Kara’s chicken pot pie was DELICIOUS. Currently eating my leftovers on the way home and glad I saved some.
Saturday morning we ordered Ted’s Bulletin online for breakfast, but more on that here.
After our brunch in the Botanic Gardens (which we didn’t think through that everything wouldn’t have bloomed yet) we headed into the Conservatory, which was beautiful and so fresh.
We did a quick walk through of the Library of Congress and the underground tunnel to the Capitol building. Then enjoyed the sunny weather on the steps of the Supreme Court, along with some modeling 🙂
This was after I was doing an arm workout and got scolded for it by my frans.
Kara heard about Founding Farmers and said it had great reviews. I tried to get us brunch reservations but no so luck. If you want to go for brunch, make reservations early, probably a few weeks early but the week of you aren’t getting in. I got us a 3:45 reservation and they could not seat us earlier, so definitely make reservations. Looking over the menu, the decision was so hard. Kara and I choose chicken and waffles with Mac and cheese. Annie got the rotisserie chicken with potatoes and Mac and cheese.
This was my face after attempting to eat my plate of food.
After eating, we went back to the hotel for a quick rest and some research.
We found a fun place called Penn Social where we had some drinks, watched some March Madness and played games.
Of course, a trip to DC isn’t complete without a Shake Shack trip.
Sunday morning we did Ted’s to go again which had to be eaten in the car on the way to the Tidal Basin for paddle boating due to road closures and the hilarity of trying to get there.
Paddle Boating in the Tidal Basin was so fun, lots of laughter and lots of wind.
There is FREE parking by the Tidal Basin which gives you access to paddle boats, Jefferson Memorial, Washington monument, World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. There were plenty of spots on Sunday morning at 10.
Until next time DC! We already have plans for what we want to do.
xoxo ashley

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