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Happy Friday friends!

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Hiwire. We went to the trampoline park for my friend Kaitlin’s birthday this week. We had so much fun and got a great work out in 🙂

There’s not much I’ll do with the blue and orange, but I will eat blue and orange cake to celebrate you Kaitlin! (November 14, I’ll see you at Williams-Brice)

The new Cinderella comes out this weekend and I am so excited! I have plans to go see it tomorrow that may include dressing like a princess.
 Shrek Forever After. Watched it while babysitting last week and everything came full circle. If you have seen the Shrek movies, you need to see Shrek Forever After. It was a cute, fun movie and I’m so glad that was the movie they choose to watch.
I was sitting in my office last week and decided it needed some color. I had seen some new Megan Carn prints on Instagram and decided that is exactly what it needed. I headed over to her website to pick one out. How cute are these flamingos?
Have y’all heard of AirDrop? It’s so easy to send pictures to your friends or your other devices. All you do is turn on AirDrop on both devices, select the pictures you want to send, click the “arrow up” like you would text or email them but instead you click AirDrop. The available devices to send to pop up, they have to accept and BOOM! You have all the pictures you want in such an easy way. I transferred my pictures from my phone to my iPad to clear up some space on my phone. No more having to take the picture on everyone’s phone or text a million pictures out to everyone.
Hope y’all have a great weekend!
xoxo ashley

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