Pinning Lately

I love Pinterest, just as much now as when it first came out. The new never wore off for me. Here are some of the things I have found recently that I can’t wait to try, love and can’t wait to recreate.

(Click on the picture to get to the pin)

pinterest 1

I love spring clothes. Such pretty colors to mix and match.

pinterest 2

These just look delicious. Semi complicated to make, but I’m up for the challenge 🙂

pinterest 3

This is just funny. I watched “Fed Up” at work last week. It’s a documentary about what we eat and how bad it is for our bodies. But some days, this is just the reality of life. I would like to eat well all the time, but that just ain’t happening. Also, some foods are just too good to give up.

pinterest 4

These Kate Spade plates. Just beautiful. Maybe one day they will go on sale or I can find similar ones on the cheap.

pin 5

I found a wreath I had started when cleaning out the storage room. One of the thoughts for the wreath was to add burlap flowers, so this will be super helpful in finishing the wreath.

Follow me on Pinterest! What are you loving on Pinterest these days?

xoxo ashley


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