Bachelor Finale + Bachelor Bracket Winner Gifts

Congrats to the newly engaged Chris & Whitney! I knew from their wedding crashing date that I loved them together and so happy that they are!
I had Whitney making it in the final 2 in my original bracket. My friend Kaitlin picked her to win before even watching episode one. So she was our first winner. We remake brackets when it gets down to final six and my friend Laura won that one. I searched and searched for ideas for Bachelor Bracket Winner Prizes and found nothing. So I had to get creative, here is what I came up with:

For The Bachelorette, if we can even make a bracket, like what?!? Kaitlyn AND Britt, recipe for disaster. Anyway, the “buy in” for the bracket is 1 item for the winner’s basket. For example, a bottle of wine, nail polish, gift card, candy, whatever you and your girls love! I agree with Sean Lowe and his thoughts on 2 Bachelorettes. I’m interested to see how it all plays out. It sure will be interesting.
Confession: I looked up who won a few weeks ago, not something I normally do but just wanted to know, so this was written Friday night after the kids I was babysitting went to sleep.
xoxo ashley

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