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Happy Friday Friends!

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Shania Twain

I randomly though of her the other night and then pulled up some of her songs on YouTube and Googled her to see what she was up to. I found that ABC was showing her Vegas show, it’s currently recorded on my DVR and will be watched, probably this week. The late 90’s/early 2000’s, Shania was my girl! For you listening/trip down memory lane:

This week she announced her farewell tour, oh how I would love. I briefly looked at tickets, they start WAY out of my price range, so YouTube and ABC specials it is for this girl.



This week Annie had the opportunity to speak at her schools chapel and tell her testimony. Girl rocked it! And of course had a fan club sitting back row, where all the cool kids sit. At least that’s where they did in public school 🙂


Pinterest wins.

These Butterfinger Cheesecake bars, yall! For starters, I’m not the biggest cheesecake fan. I knew it was going to be good once it saw the finished product. Once I took that first bite, oh my it was good, one of the best desserts I’ve had and it was so simple to make.

Tuesday afternoon, I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this, it looked good, had all the ingredients, no dinner plans, so this rice it was!

I enjoyed it, it was simple to make and will be added into my menus.


It’s rare for my dad to text us in the middle of the day because he just gets so busy with work, but college football is apparently an excuse to break that 🙂 This family sure does love our Carolina football. In case you were wondering, there are now less than 185 days because this text was sent earlier this week. Go Cocks!


Dan and Shay at the Music Farm.

The Music Farm is a fun new concert venue that opened recently in Columbia. This was my first concert there and I look forward to many more! Dan and Shay were fun. It was a smaller crowd than I’m used to at a country concert, but the crowd was really into it. I hope I get to see them again, I’ve lost track of all the opening acts for the Mega Ticket this summer. Also, my hair is not red, even though it appears that way in the picture.

Hope you have a restful weekend!

xoxo ashley


5 thoughts on “Five On Friday

  1. Oh how I love a good pinterest recipe!!! You should follow some people on twitter that do contests – and see if you can win tix! Ive won concert tix on twitter before – hopefully you get to see Shania

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