I love a good monogram. Whether it be a t-shirt, doodle on a piece of paper, sticker on my car, bag, you name it, I want it monogrammed.  Like my girl Reese says:


A few years ago, I was on Pinterest and saw monogrammed headbands. I sent the picture to my mom (who has a monogram machine) and said hey, try this. Little did I know what hey, try this would turn into. At the time, she had her Etsy shop, but was doing very little monogrammig. These headbands are what took the little Etsy shop and turned it into a real life business with consistant orders coming in ALL the time. Whole softball teams and cheer squads will order for all the girls. Friends order for friends. Parents order for their children.

These are some of my favorite headband she has done.


Then, we took it big time. Started doing much more than the headbands. And of course looking to Pinterest for some ideas.

Some of my favorite items currently in KaileysMonogram Shop:

Wine glasses

Weekender bag

These are popular for bridesmaid gifts or a weekend getaway. I LOVE mine.

Easter baskets

Easter is right around the corner. Have you gotten your kids basket yet?

Monogrammed tee

This is from the race I did this past weekend, more on that later this week!


And this comes in a fun pink or aqua!

Visit Etsy store here.

Instagram @kaileysmonogram / Twitter @kaileysmonogram / Facebook Kaileys Monogram Shop

I love how an idea from Pinterst sparked and has turned into such a fun hobby and business for both my mom and I.

She’s the creative one who actually does all the monogramming. I get to do fun things like this.

xoxo ashley


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