Five on Friday : Updating Your College Look to Young Professionalism

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Wait, you mean I can’t dress like this all the time now?


Being a few years post grad, Annie and I have some tips and suggestions on how to transaction from your college look to the young professional look.



Gone are the days of the messy bun that sits on the top of  your head. At least from 8-5.In are the days where you need to curl, straighten, really just do anything to your hair.

Dry shampoo can become your new BFF, because once you actually do you hair, you’re not going to want to wash it, because of all the time it took.


I’m all about the straight hair while Annie likes the curl.

annie hair




I was reading one of those “now your out of college, here’s how to survive” articles that everyone likes to post on Facebook last week and one of the points was that you need to trade your North Face in for a pea coat. As soon as I read it, I was like “duh!” Why hadn’t I thought of that? A pea coat is going to help dress up an outfit a lot easier than a North Face.

Old Navy has great pea coats at a GREAT price, especially if you can get them when they are 50% off.



Yes, Uggs are warm and comfortable but have no place in the workplace.


Heels. Heels. Professional pair of flats. Heels. Heels. Heels.


Your heels need to be conservative heels, not the ones your wore out in college or currently one the weekends.

And of course, you always need a fun pair of heels to mix in every once in a while.




Gone are the days of leggings all day, everyday. Dress pants. Go ahead and find a sale and grab one of each color. Stick with the basics, get black, navy, gray and khaki. Then you can mix and match all different tops for all different seasons.


(Please ignore the wrinkles, these came out of the dirty clothes basket for pictures)

I bought something on sale at The Limited and was given a coupon to come back and get 50% off 3 items, to which I decided perfect timing to go stock up on the basics. My mom always taught me never to pay full price for anything and professional clothing is EXPENSIVE. Shop those sales ladies!




A piece of jewelry can change an entire outfit.

-Bonus Round-



Chubby Sticks from Clinique are my absolute fave. I have 2 neutral colors and 1 bold hot pink. And you always have a to have a great red.

-Bonus Bonus Round-


This is a bonus bonus because it’s not a necessity but it is an extra touch. A class red or neutral color is always a good option for the work place. Some of my favorites are (by Essie) Fishnet Stockings (Red), Chinchilly (Grey), Prima Ballerina and Imported Champagne (Neutral).


Sometime I feel like when I have my nails painted I am more productive. I love seeing painted nail typing on a keyboard 🙂

Check out Annie’s thoughts on Sally Hansen’s Gel Polish here, for something that will last longer than normal.

But sometimes being a yo pro means pouring that college drink (ones that friends say is what frat boys poison girls with) putting your hair on the top of your head and your favorite leggings on (with a hole in them) on the minute you walk through the door, sometimes even on a Monday.

And eating a frozen waffle for dinner after having a bag of popcorn for lunch.

Cheers my fellow yo pros!

I’m thinking about making this a mini series, so if there are anymore “how to’s” for young professionals you want to see, let your girl know! Also, if you have any tips of your transition, please share!

xoxo ashley

P.S. Huge shout out to Annie for taking all of these pictures and the idea of this post. She’s a rock star who puts up with a crazy roommate on a crazy blogging adventure.



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