From Brunette to Blonde and Back Again

I’ve wanted to be blonde for as long as I can remember. I do believe that Britney Spears has a little lot to do with it. One Halloween, I was Britney, even though every parent who handed me candy asked if I was Madonna. Leading up to Halloween, I BEGGED my mom to let me dye my hair blonde, you know to be in character. My mom finally let me get a blondish, level 1 box dye and “dye” my hair. It ended up more red than blonde, but that was my first attempt.


 Oh the 90’s were a fun time!

In high school, I would put all kinds of “let the sun lighten your hair” sprays and gels and everything in between.

Last year, I was realizing that 25 was coming and I was having a quarter life crisis and decided to go blonde and let a professional do it this time. Ashley is a genius and the only person who can cut or color my hair.


What I looked like getting blonder. I have A LOT of hair.

Over Christmas, I was looking at some older pictures on my camera and started missing my dark hair. I had recently touched up the blonde, so had to wait a little bit for that not to be a complete waste.

My sweet friend Morgan knew I was getting my hair done that day and left me a note on the mirror.








I love my dark hair. Being a blonde was fun, but being a brunette, I feel like all is right in the world again.

 Side by side comparison


If you are in the Columbia area and need a hairdresser, go to Cline’s!

xoxo ashley





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