Gentlemen, Start Your Engines


The NASCAR season started yesterday with the Daytona 500. I went to my first race last May and fell in love. It was the All Star race, which I recommend if you want to try out a race. It’s only 90 laps with breaks after every 20, very manageable. I’ll be honest, I’ll watch on TV but usually nap in the in between laps, watch it start and watch it end. I went to the Bank of America 500 in October and that one was just a little too long for me in person, I loved it and had fun but from now on its just the All Star races.

Charlotte Motor Speedway is an experience y’all. Never have I seen such a variety of people in one place. You have normal people, sport fanatics, rednecks, business men, children, just all types. But its so fun.

One of my first sights upon pulling up to my first race.


My go to NASCAR outfit is a black dress, cowboy boots and my camo hat if I want to redneck it up.



On the track


So beautiful at dusk


Winner’s circle


Tips for your 1st NASCAR Race:

– Bring earplugs. It can get loud and you won’t be able to handle the noise the entire time.

– Bring a sweater/jacket. It get’s chilly once the sun goes down and races can go on longer than expected.

– Portable cell phone charger. Once the race starts, conversation is extremely limited and it is much easier to text the person next to you than try to yell.

– Cooler with your favorite beverage (Yes, you can bring your own cooler with your own alcohol! There are size restrictions that can be found online)

– Shoes you can walk a lot in. I’ve only been to Charlotte Motor Speedway but the walk from the parking lot to the track is a long one.



Reaction to the fight that broke out after the Bank of America 500

  I’m also LOVING Eric Church’s Talladega. I’m trying to get to Talladega for the 2016 season.

I’m excited to see how this season plays out and the drama that comes with it.

Congrats to Joey Logano on the 1st victory of the season!

xoxo ashley


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