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Happy Friday friends!

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Mel’s Shoe Repair. I’m really picky about my boots and I loved the Steve Madden ones I had last year but the heels were messed up and made the boots unwearable. I had heard about Mel’s Shoe Repair from someone at work and then was reminded of it on Twitter a few weeks ago. I took my shoes to Mel and let him work his magic. I’m so happy with the outcome. If you are in Columbia, go to Mel’s Shoe Repair on Taylor Street.


I forgot to bring shoes to leave in, so I left in my fuzzy socks. In the rain.


$13.25 sure does beat a new pair of boots.


Birchbox. I used to subscribe to Birchbox in college but then college budget and I had to cancel. I love getting mail and how fun is it to get a box of goodies each month?!? I love the mascara, it went on smoother than any mascara I’ve ever used. I’m excited about the face sunscreen, since my dermatologist told me I needed to start using a daily moisturizer with SPF. I want the Clinique moisturizer with SPF but want to buy it at the cosmetic outlet next time I go home. (Even though I own my house in Columbia, I still call going to my parents in Charleston, home)



Use this link if you want to sign up — 


Photo booth at Chick-Fil-A. I love a good photo booth. This week when I realized that Chick-Fil-A had one, I knew that as soon as we were done eating, Madelyn and I had to get a picture! How fun is that?!?



Spring Cleaning gone bad. I’ve broken my Spring Cleaning into manageable chunks instead of trying to do it all in one weekend. This past weekend I decided to vacuum the stairs. Most of the stairs got vacuumed, until the vacuum decided to come crashing down the stairs with my knees breaking the fall. Let’s just say the bruises are still there and my knees have seen lots of ice this week.


Can we talk about last night’s episode of Scandal? I was not a fan of the last few episodes. But last night Olivia got her groove back. And Abby? You go girl! #onceagladiatoralwaysagladiator Literally favorite TV show currently on TV. It keeps me interested for the entire hour and the whole week leading up to the next episode. Also, can I be Olivia Pope please?

xoxo ashley


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