I’m excited to join Naptime Diaries and hundreds of other in following this Lent season. “Over these next few weeks, our hope is that you’re able to watch the life of Jesus, walk forward by the power of the Holy Spirit as you imitate Him, and wonder at the beauty of the redemptive work He did on the cross for us.” (Introduction)

I’m excited to dive into this study and journal to reflect on Jesus’ life and gift he gave all of us. My friend Madelyn and I both bought the journal in hope to intentionally walk through it together during this Lent season. We will meet weekly over lunch or coffee and dig deep into what we have learned that week, what the Lord is speaking out to us and teaching us.


There are 8 different sections written by 8 different men and women who love the Lord deeply.


Each section has teaching and then a couple verses with a space to journal from what you get from that verse.


Each Thursday during the Lent season, I will be sharing what the Lord is teaching and showing me through this journal.

Naptime Diaries is sold out of the hard copy but have the printable version available to buy online.

xoxo ashley


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