Five on Friday

Hope everyone had a great week and has fun weekend plans. I will be doing a Pure Barre class (!!!!), visiting the salon (!!!!) and ending the weekend with the Bachelor on a Sunday (!!!!)


I went to a baby shower of a girl I used to work with over the weekend. So glad I got to see Tiffany and celebrate baby Jordyn. It was also great to see and catch up with a few of my other old coworkers too.



The flats I wore to the shower are my favorite ever. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, EVER. I got them from Target last year and there are a few colors left on the website.


One of my favorite parts of my week is planning for the week. Just making sure everything is on the calendar for the week, seeing what the plan for the week is and planning meals.



South Carolina Women’s Basketball. Up until this week we were ranked number 1 in the country! (We lost to UConn Monday night, but no worries, we will see them again and the game will be in our favor) My dad got me season tickets this year and the games have been so fun!


Our girls are good, they play with heart and have fun.

The team is young so I am excited to see them develop and grow over the next few years and watch them win some games (and hopefully a National Championship!!)

P.S. The LSU coach last night was STYLING. Please help me find this top she was wearing. I’ve tweeted at her in hopes that she will respond because I have to have it, in any color!



I made these cookies for our work Valentine’s party. I do promise to one day soon start taking real pictures on my Canon Rebel instead of mostly iPhone pictures but for now the iPhone will have to do. I’m glad to be working in an environment where we have social events often and get to spend time building relationships with other coworkers.





xoxo ashley


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