What is Love?

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” – John 13:34-35

This was a command that my grandmother lived out every day. She loved and cared for others deeply, whether she knew you or not. It was a love like Jesus.



She loved my grandfather everyday for 56 years. Oh and how he loved her, a definite picture of how Jesus loved his bride. It is selfless love; caring and giving.




She was a nurse. She loved and cared for her patients. It’s where my mom gets her nursing skills from. The above pictures are from my mom’s pinning ceremony. It was a proud day for her.



Our last Christmas all together



She loved her family. My sister and I were her only grandbabies and she spoiled us because of it. Mama loved to write letters and send mail. You never actually knew what else would be included with a handwritten note but you could expect mail a few times a month.

Each summer, we would go spend a week at their house. Looking back, those are some of my favorite summer memories.


That smile. She loved spending time with family, especially holidays.



MaMa is the strongest woman I know and I am so glad I got to spend 22 years learning from her, watching her be a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and woman of Jesus.



This is my absolute favorite picture of my grandparents. The look she is giving him is one of love and pride that he is hers. And the smile on his face, is one of the biggest. I’m so grateful for this example of a beautiful, selfless love.


These past 3 years have felt like they have flown by but also like it has been forever. We miss you more everyday and on holidays but are thankful that one day, we will all be reunited.

xoxo ashley


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