IF Gathering Recap

This past weekend, we hosted a live stream of the IF Gathering at the house. It was a small group of 6 of us that gathered, watched, soaked up the Gospel shared through some great women and shared our hearts.

I just want to share some of the things that stood out to me over the weekend. I am so thankful for these women using their gifts to preach the Gospel to women who so desperately need to be reminded of the truths of God.

Value the gifts God has given you. Don’t compare yourself and your gifts to those around you. The Lord has chosen you to be right where you are. Don’t look around to others around you to see what they are doing. Do what the Lord has for you.


His hold on you is stronger than your hold on Him and he is not letting go. This was something that I needed to be reminded of, the Lord’s hold on me is strong, oh so powerful and he is not letting go, even if I let go of him. He will grip on tightly, he does not let his children go.

Jen Hatmaker spoke some truth. I may or may not be following her on Instagram now 😉

Faith does not demand the Lord always explain himself. God is big and his ways are mysterious.

God is good when life is good and he is good when life is bad. He is arguably even better when it is bad.

Give your heart permission to trust Him. He is trustworthy.

Christine Caine spoke straight into my heart when asking the question “What is dead in your life that you are still trying to hold on to?” What in your past are you still trying to hold onto when the Lord is moving you forward? Deal with it and leave it at the foot of the cross. Let go of the past in the present or you won’t have a future.  I need to deal with it, leave it at the foot of the cross and move on, which is much easier said than done, but the Lord is going to meet me at the foot of the cross with grace, love and patience and help me move forward.

In the last session, Bianca Olthoff spoke from Joshua 6:1-16,20 on the reasons we don’t believe.

1. We lose vision

There is always something standing in between God’s promise and the possession but impossible situations do not intimidate our God. We have to keep our eyes focused on God and not allow ourselves to become distracted from the bigger picture. Just because God promised it, doesn’t mean you possess it.

2. We don’t see change

In verse 3, it says they had been walking around the city for 6 days doing the exact same thing. And nothing changed for 6 days straight. Be faithful in what you are doing, even if you think you are not making a difference.

3. We don’t know when it ends

We don’t know how long we have to endure the struggle or the pain we are suffering in. But we might be so close to the finish line, we have to keep fighting. If you can’t run you race, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. If you can’t crawl, then drag yourself across the finish line. But finish.

I know these are random thoughts just typed out into a blog post. I am still processing everything and need to go back and reflect and pray over what I learned this past weekend and what I will continue to learn from it. I hope the Lord uses this to teach you something today or for you to dig deeper. One part of IF Gathering is IF Equip which are daily bible studies that come directly to your inbox, then you can go on the website and comment what you learned and communicate with women from all over on the same study. I challenge you to sign up and actually read the email (confession: might be hard for me to do everyday) that comes and see what the Lord will teach you through it.

Thankful for the leaders of IF Gathering to take a leap of faith and step out of their comfort zones to expand the Kingdom.

xoxo ashley


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