Gel Polish Review

Gel polish is the new trend in manicures for its longevity and shine but it definetly has its draw backs. High prices (at the salon and at the store), difficultly to remove and the damage it does to your nails is enough to keep any girl on a budget away. BUT there is a new product on the market, Sally Hansen’s no light gel polish. So I set out on an adventure to try it and who doesn’t like to test out new beauty products? Here is what I found:

1. It is low cost at about $10 a color. Though your initial purchase you have to buy the top coat at $10 as well.

2. For a girl whose nails are done after 5 days, it lasts! After week one I was so impressed by how long it stayed on and still shined with no chips. By the end of week two, though, I was peeling it off.

3. Easy removal and no nail damage. This polish came off with a little extra time but nothing that would ever deter me from using it again.

Check out the pictures below and make your own conclusions. (Pardon me for not being a hand model too.)


Day 1


Day 7


Day 14

Tips for using this product:

1. Let each coat dry fully before applying the next coat or top coat.

2. It will probably last longer if you don’t pick at it or peel it. (I can’t help it.)

3. A second top coat at the end of week one will also help it last to the end of week two in good condition.

All in all, worth the buy and little extra time! Stay tuned for my attempt at using the gel top coat over a normal polish and track how long it lasts.

Keep it classy,



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