Five on Friday

Farewell to the Bravermans
The Parenthood series finale was last Thursday night. TV will not be the same without the Bravermans, Parenthood is the most real show on TV. If you’ve never watched it, grab a few boxes of tissues (the tears flow every episode) and fire it up on Netflix.
Sarah (aka Lorelei from Gilmore Girls) got married in the episode and was a BEAUTIFUL bride which then made me very upset that Luke and Lorelei never got married.


Trivia Crack
Yall. I’ve never loved a game I’m so bad at. I haven’t come close to winning a game but I just love the categories and questions, well the ones I know haha sometimes I’m impressed at the answers I do know. (@ashleyleeanneb if you want to play me)

We are hosting an IF:Local at our house this weekend. IF is a women’s conference down in Austin, Texas that allows women to meet and gather all over the country to live stream the conference in their homes. We have a group of girls coming over Friday night and Saturday to watch the conference. The focus of IF is to exisit to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose. Check back next week for a recap of the conference.

Country Megaticket. The 2015 Country Megaticket went on sale last week and we bought our ticket. These concerts were so fun last year and I am so excited to see some of my favorite artists again this year!

It’s been a long week. Tuesday I woke up before my alarm and thought it was Saturday. Imagine my disappointment when it was only Tuesday. Needless to say its been rough. Wednesday afternoon my dad texted me and asked if I wanted to have dinner. I very quickly said yes because the thought of making dinner was terrible and who doesn’t love dinners with dad? Here’s to hoping Saturday night and Sunday bring some rest (ha).


xoxo ashley


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