Super Bowl Fun

While I wasn’t a fan of the outcome of the game, I was a fan of the fun night with friends. I was also glad to have one more game before a long off season. I will have basketball and baseball to help hold me over, but September 3 cannot come soon enough.

Food wise, I went with my norm, BBQ chicken sandwiches and mac & cheese for the big items. I added these herb roasted potatoes, that were delicious and will def be added into the party mix. Chips and queso, salsa and quac, fruit, cheese and crackers, cookies and Marshawn Skittles (please watch this video if you don’t know what I mean) were also on the menu. I also (finally) found ring pops to use as Super Bowl Rings! (If  you are wondering, they can be found in the check out line at Wal-Mart)







I hit up Target, duh, for the football themed table cloth, plates and napkins. Publix always has pretty, bright flowers at the entrance that caught my attention. I used the blue and green ones to make a Seahawks bouquet, then put the others in a vase for decoration elsewhere.


I bought an extra tablecloth from Target to use as a backdrop of a photobooth, because who doesn’t love a good photobooth. Here are some of my faves. I had the football banner leftover from last football season.


 Our thought is “Go Football!” so we wore our favorite team shirts. Everyone who walked in made sure to point out that the Saints and Broncos were not playing in the game.






photo (22)

 Annie wasn’t feeling well but was a trooper and took fun pictures with me.

 For more entertainment, I printed out commercial BINGO and football BINGO.


Laura came to hang out with a baby and for the half time show. Katy Perry killed it. I love fireworks, more than the normal person. And I may or may not have teared up when all those fireworks were going off during Firework, I would have given anything to be there to see all those fireworks. There were parts of the show that were, what?!? moments, like the dancing beach balls and sharks. One friend said “Are we watching Nick, Jr?”



 All the girls gathered around ready for Katy Perry.


 It was a crazy ending to the game, which made for good football. I would have liked to see the Seahawks win but Congrats to the Patriots and Patriots fans!

xoxo ashley


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