What I Learned During 2 Weeks Of Pure Barre


So my two weeks of Pure Barre are over and I’m actually kind of sad, which is surprising based on thoughts from night one. I did come to enjoy it and look forward to classes.

What I Learned During 2 Weeks Of Pure Barre:

1. I am stronger than I thought I was. I was able to push through and get through intense workouts and do workouts I did not know I was capable of doing.

2. During one class I was at the barre and facing the mirror, I had a moment of this is your time. Not just in this class, but in life. I’ve got great friends, an amazing job, a family I wouldn’t trade for anything and plans to make the most out of right now. Sure there are moments I long to be in the next stage but I’ve got to live in the present. I won’t always have those days where I can drop everything a drive to a city for a weekend on a whim or binge watch Netflix a few nights a week or open my home for friends on friends on friends.

3. Patience is key. There were many times I would get frustrated and want to give up. I would focus and breathe and jump back into the exercise and give it my all.

4. Never give up. I could have not gone back after night one. But I decided to push through and keep going to see what would happen. I am oh so glad that I did.

5. I feel so much better when working out consistently. I did 8 classes in a 13 day period. Yes, it was exhausting but gave me energy that only comes from working out and living a healthier lifestyle.

I have barre3 DVD’s that I ordered from Living Social that I am going to start doing in place of Pure Barre and going (back? start going?) to Gold’s. Please help hold me to this. I want to use the motivation from these two weeks at Pure Barre to jump back into working out and getting back into that routine. I want working out to be a normal part of my day, not a shocking part of my day. I’m doing a 6K Gamecock Fun Run at the end of the month, I would like to be able to run part of it, but also frolic around campus taking fun pictures in my monogrammed outfit my momma made me. Yes, I am that girl.

 If you’ve been thinking about starting a work out of any type, go for it. be patient, be persistent, it’ll be worth it. Know, I’m also saying these words to myself. Help keep me accountable to continue this journey of being consistent and making exercise the normal part of my day verses the shocking part of my day. I’d love to help keep you accountable too. Let me know if you’d like to join me on this journey to a healthier you.

xoxo ashley


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