Travel Tuesday : Seattle

In honor of Seattle playing in the Super Bowl, today’s Travel Tuesday is all about my trip to Seattle. Back in November, Annie and I packed our bags and headed across the country to Seattle. I had never been to the west coast so I was super excited. Because we had been watching Grey’s Anatomy since middle school, we had this idea of Seattle, that ended up not being true. It was not the big time city I thought it was going to be. The trip ended up being a transition period between jobs for me so because it wasn’t the big hopping city we thought we were going to, it did partially turn into a relaxing and rejuvenating trip.

View on the flight into Seattle
View on the flight into Seattle

Once we arrived and made the trek through town to our hotel, we dropped off our luggage and hit the ground running. Our hotel was near the Space Needle, which I thought was downtown, city center, which it was not. Poor planning on my part. It was still a good location and our hotel had a shuttle that took us within a mile of the hotel. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum as our first stop. It was BEAUTIFUL.



 We bought the pass for the Space Needle that lets you go twice during a 24 hour period so you can see Seattle during the daylight and night. Our first trip up was at night.


After the Space Needle, we went to 8 oz Burger & Company, ate an amazing burger and truffle fries while watching some SEC football! We didn’t do much Saturday night because of spending the morning traveling.

One of the perks of staying at the Hyatt Place was the free breakfast that was included.


Reese’s Puffs for the win!


Sunday morning we headed up the Space Needle for the daylight version.

Then we headed down to the Public Market where the fishermen are and lots of little local vendors. The first ever Starbucks is right across the street.


My Starbucks came from the Starbucks a block up because I was not going to wait in the 3-4 block line. How can you not take a selfie with Starbucks in the city it started in?


As much as we would have loved to go to the Seahawks game, we were not about paying $150 each for standing room only ticket. We hung out in a restaurant, snacked on appetizers and sipped on drinks. Seattle had a stellar game and was fun to watch surrounded by all Seattle fans.


Monday morning, we took the ferry out to Bainbridge Island, which was this small little town with shops, restaurants and museums. The weather was beautiful so we ate lunch at the local Mexican restaurant and then walked down the main street, popping into all the little shops. I had absolutely no room in my suitcase so I was not allowed to buy anything. Before heading back to the city, we went to the art museum on the island.


Something that I did not know about Seattle, is that they have a Ferris Wheel. Sunset was the perfect time. Mt. Rainier was visible and such a beautiful site.


I loved it. Annie thought this story would show up on a future episode of Grey’s Anatomy as a Ferris Wheel accident.


Monday morning one of my friends texted me and told me that I had to go to the Seattle Sounders soccer semifinals game that night. He said the fans were the best and it was an experience that I could not miss. So to StubHub I went and found tickets for the game. The Sounders also play in The Nest, where the Seahawks play. It was an experience like I have never experienced before. On the walk to the stadium, I heard live music playing and decided to head towards it. It ended up being a pep rally for the game. The hundreds of fans then marched from the park to the stadium, chanting all kinds of cheers. These fans are loyal. It was a sold out game on a Monday night. I had never been to a soccer game, loved it and plan on making soccer games part of sporting events I attend.




Thanks for sticking out and reading this long post. Overall, Seattle was a fun, relaxing trip. If I ever went back, it would be for a shorter amount of time and a Seattle Seahawks game would have to be in the mix. If you have any questions about Seattle or things we did, comment or email me (

xoxo ashley


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