Five on Friday : Decorating Edition

One of my 2015 goals it to finish decorating my house. I’m indecisive when it comes to things like decorating, the color scheme of my room has already changed 2-3 times but I have finally decided and put the finish touches on my room. There might be one more thing I add to the walls at some point but for now, I check my room off the list.

Here are my 5 favorite parts of my room.



Once I get a decorating idea in my head, it doesn’t go away and I have to find a way to create it. I decided I wanted coral lamps with white lamp shades. I ended up just getting cheap lamps from Wal-Mart and painting them coral. The tray is just a 8×10 picture frame from Hobby Lobby (love those 40% off coupons all the time!) with fabric (from Hob Lob obvi) cut to fit inside.



I saw something like this on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea. I found the mirror at a local thrift store, put a few coats of paint on it and propped it on up.



With my love of monograms, I knew I wanted a big wooden monogram over my bed. It’s from Etsy, because Etsy is awesome and has everything crafty. My bed is one of my favorite places, soft and cozy. It’s become my go to blogging spot these days.



This typewriter was at my grandmother’s house, it was my great grandmother’s that my dad would go spend summers with in Miami. I’m pretty sure she was trying to give it to my dad, but I called dibs. It is sitting on an antique sewing machine that was at my aunt’s house. I love having pieces of family history in my house.



To add some color to my bookcase, I cut foam board to the size of the back wall, covered in fabric and slid it back. I didn’t want to add to much color but I love to pops of color it does add. Jewelry storage is literally the hardest, I have it in at least 3-5 different places but bracelets got a shelf on the bookcase. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is in the farthest corner and so sometimes I will forget I have those options. Do you have any creative jewelry storage options? I would love to hear them.

Linking up with some fun blogger for 5 on Friday. Looking forward to the Super Bowl Sunday. Go Seahawks! But really just Go Football! Check back next week for all the details from my Super Bowl Party. (there may or may not be a photo booth involved)


xoxo ashley


8 thoughts on “Five on Friday : Decorating Edition

  1. Would you like to have Nannie’s treble sewing machine? It is from the same time period as the typewriter.

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