New Beginnings

So I’m not sure if I am working my dream job, but I am certainly working for a dream company.


 Now remember, I was basically waiting for something to fall into my lap job wise. If someone had told me I would have a new job before Thanksgiving, I would have laughed in their face. I was tailgating for the Luke Bryan concert back in early October and my friend’s husband asked me if I was looking for a job because his company was hiring. I said kinda maybe but he sent me the information anyway and just told me to at least go talk to them. Most people who have ever mentioned job stuff to me, mention it once and then nothing is discussed again. But not Hub, first thing Monday morning I had an email from Hub with the Head of HR’s name and email address. Since Hub followed up, I figured the least I could do was just send my resume over. Problem was, my resume hadn’t been updated, so a week later on a Monday morning before walking into my job, I sat it my car and sent The Cason Group my resume. Less than an hour later, my first interview was scheduled for Thursday. That interview was short and sweet with the head of HR. The next morning (Friday), I was scheduling my 2nd interview for Tuesday morning with 6 supervisors, managers and the VP and President of the company. To say I was intimated was an understatement. 2 and a half hours and a bunch of brutal questions later, I was headed to work for the afternoon. It was the most intense interview process I had ever been a part of, but I was warned of that going in. By 2:30 that afternoon, I was being offered a job, which I accepted on the spot. My next step was putting in my two weeks where I was and then celebrating!

 My first day at The Cason Group was a Wednesday. After I had been in Seattle since the previous Saturday, you know a completely different time zone, with a flight arriving 1 ½ from home 11:30 the night before I was starting a new job. But I’m young and the excitement of it gave me the energy I needed to make it through my first day, well first 3 days, until I made it to Saturday. The first few days were a whirlwind trying to learn everyone, what they did and all about the company and what the company does. Training for my job was a little difficult because the one training me was trying to keep up with her job, keep up with the other person in the departments job (who was out longer than expected from surgery) and learn her new job for the department she was moving to.

 I was thrown in to sink or swim. There were moments I felt like I was drowning, but The Cason Group doesn’t let you drown. Everyone there is super encouraging and super helpful. Any question you have, even as silly or simple as it is, they will gracefully answer. My mornings there start with meeting with the other ladies I work with, praying for our day, the company and any other prayer requests we have for our friends and family. Those 30 minutes have been so encouraging and beneficial. It also has allowed me to get to know the ladies I work with and on a deeper level, more than just a “hey, good morning.”

One of my first weeks there, the president was out of the office for a conference and knew things were crazy so ordered lunch to be delivered to the office two days that week so people didn’t have to worry about lunch. Having a president who cares about his employees as people and not just workers to get his work done is such a refreshing thing this day and age. Back in December, management and sales reps brought in a masseuse to give us massages during our work day as a “thank you” for working hard. What a treat!

I don’t know what all The Lord has in store for me at The Cason Group, but I am excited for the journey ahead. I am so thankful for this new season at a new job. I can’t wait to see how I grow, change and what challenges are presented before me.

xoxo ashley



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